Work package 1 – Management and Coordination

Coordinator: Ben – Federparchi

Federparchi (Beneficiary) is the coordinator of the Work Package 1 (WP1) and is responsible for the organization of Steering Committee (SC) meetings, as well the consolidation of financial and activity reports and the contacts and relations with the Contracting Authority (Managing Authority and Joint Technical Secretariat).

The expected results:

  • Managing the project efficiently
  • Monitoring the progress of the activities, their impact and the consistency of the outcomes reached
  • Ensuring punctual project reporting during the whole implementation process using an internal project management monitoring system
  • Providing a sound financial management of the project including accurate recording of financial expenditures
  • Guaranteeing the monitoring of activities in order to prevent implementation delays or problems and find appropriate solutions and corrective actions.

Work package 2 - Project Communication

Coordinator: PP8-ASCS

Al-Shouf Cedar Society is the coordinator of the Work Package 2 (WP2) and is responsible for promoting and communicating the “Mediterranean Experience in Ecotourism” (MEET) project objectives and results. The objective of this Work Package is to communicate information about the project to target groups and public opinion through:

  • Ensuring project visibility by designing a logo and graphic line for the project; designing, managing, and updating the project’s website; compiling and disseminating informative materials and publications to raise awareness; sharing the project results; and elaborating the project video.
  • Communicating the project’s objectives and results during conferences and events through the project kickoff and steering committee meetings to present the results achieved and to spread them in the Mediterranean area. A mid-term conference project in Lebanon and a final conference of the project will be held to highlight the results achieved and to share the new approach in sustainable tourism planning.
  • Organizing media campaigns by preparing and publishing press releases, establishing a mailing list to enable discussions and encourage collaboration on the project. Furthermore, a database of experts and interested stakeholders from the Mediterranean area will be established to facilitate and encourage participation in local, regional and international exhibitions

Work package 3 - Capitalization of the Results

Coordinator: PP1-Latium

Latium Region is the coordinator of the Work Package 3, responsible for the coordination and implementation of the following activities: Advisory Panel on Ecotourism (APE), MEPS Strategic Document definition process, and project networking with the involvement of the Ben _ Federparchi and all PPs and the five Associates. The expected results of the WP are:

  • Establish Advisory Panel on Ecotourism (APE)
  • Compile a Strategic Document concerning the assessment of the project results and the definition of the actions to be carried out after the end of the project life,
  • Cooperation with other existing projects (at least 3)

Work package 4 - Methods and Tools

Coordinator: Ben -Federparchi

Beneficiary (Federparchi) is the coordinator of the Work Package 4 responsible for implementation of the following activities: Survey of Ecotourism state-of-the-art, "Local Ecotourism Charter" for a better seasonal distribution of tourism flows in the Mediterranean, and definition of expected Pilot Actions.

The expected results of the WP are:

  • Gaining lessons from the best experiences on Ecotourism in the world
  • Develop Local Ecotourism Charter approach for the Mediterranean
  • Envisaged Pilot Actions features and Pilot Protected Areas selection criteria

Work package 5 - Pilot Actions

Coordinator: PP7-RSCN

Work Package 5 manages the coordination of the pilot project implementation by executing the following activities: Pilot Action selection and contracting of PA Managing Bodies, and Pilot Action results evaluation through four main steps: submission, assessment, drafting, and standardization.

The expected results of this WP are:

  • Design project layout to be followed with detailed master plan for Pilot Actions in 20 protected areas.
  • Overall implementation of Pilot Actions for each and every PA selected
  • Experience and evaluate the ecotourism packages.
  • Propose ecotourism offer (catalogue) for a better seasonal distribution to international markets

Work package 6 - MEET Secretariat and Network

Coordinator: PP5- IUCN Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation (IUCN-Med)

The IUCN Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation (IUCN-Med) is the coordinator of WP6.

The main objective of this work package is to promote and guarantee the capitalization of project results and to coordinate all the activities aimed at ensuring sustainability of the project. Under this work package, the IUCN-Med will be responsible for the establishment of the Mediterranean Experience of Eco-Tourism Network, as a long-term collaboration platform for sustainable tourism initiatives in Mediterranean Protected Areas. A MEET Secretariat will also be established to act as the operative body of the network.

In order to guarantee the effectiveness of the activities after the end of the project, a MEET Eco-tourism Package Catalogue will be created, promoted and traded, by signing the agreements for the start-up of the packages with Protected Areas Managing Bodies and local Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) clusters, established in the Framework of WP5. The expected results of this WP are:

  • MEET Secretariat and MEET Network settled and operative
  • MEET Network established, including at least 10 Protected Areas, representing at least 6 Med Countries
  • MEET catalogue for eco-tourism packages developed and promoted

  • Work package 7 - Marketing

    (Coordinator: PP4-Catalu?a)

    Catalu?a Region is the coordinator of the WP 7. The goal of this WP is to develop a marketing plan to promote our Mediterranean natural areas to tourists who appreciate the natural and cultural values of these areas. It has the following objectives:

  • Market analysis and planning
  • Product analysis
  • International tour operators identification
  • Draft trade agreement
  • The main expected result: Mediterranean Ecotourism Planning Scheme (MEPS) Marketing Plan

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