Final Conference of the MEET project Barcelona, 10-11 December 2015

The Conference is the last public event of the 3-year long “Mediterranean Experience of Eco-Tourism” project, co-funded by the EU Cross Border Cooperation Programme ENPI-MED and involving eight countries (Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Malta, Jordan, Lebanon and Tunisia) of the Mediterranean region.

The main achievement of the project has been the establishment of a Network of 24 Protected Areas and the setting up of a Catalogue of ecotourism packages designed and managed by the same Parks and local stakeholders.

The partnership is led by Federparchi – Europarc Italy with the involvement of eight other organizations, including the concerned Regional Offices (Med and ROWA) of the “International Union for the Conservation of Nature”, the “French National Parks” Association, the network of Marine Protected Areas “MedPAN”, Lazio and Cataluña Regional Governments, the Jordan “Royal Society for Conservation of Nature” and the “Al-Shouf” Biosphere Reserve in Lebanon.

In the Final Conference the main achievements will be presented, as well as some Best Practices among the Pilot Actions. Contributions from similar experiences in the Mediterranean and abroad will be presented.

A video about Mediterranrean protected areas will be showed and some short movies from the different parks will be displayed on the screen between sessions

Pamphlets of the project and the catalogue will be available in addition to the promotion section related to the protected areas of the project

In the framework of the event the 2nd “Advisory Panel on Ecotourism” Workshop will be held, involving the main policy maker at national and international level.


To showcase the projects outputs and results
To finalize the policy recommendations (in the APE 2nd Workshop)
To launch the follow up of the project: the forthcoming “MEET Destination Management Organization”

Project Partners and Programme representatives of course will present the Project and Programme results, with some focus on best practices
Representatives of similar initiatives – from the Med region but also from Central and North America regions – will contribute with hints from their experiences
Main policy makers – at national, Med Region and international level – will give their feedback during the APE 2nd workshop
Outbound Tour Operators from the project target markets (North America, Australia, North Europe) will feedback

The Conference will be organized in plenary and parallel sessions, easing as much as possible the interaction from the audience. The 1st day will be a full day, starting at 9.00 a.m. The 2nd day will end at 2.00 p.m., last session being the APE 2nd workshop.

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