Med PAN – Network of Marine Protected Area Mangers in the Mediterranean

Since 1990, the Med PAN network has brought together the managers of Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and has supported them in their management activities. Since 2008, the Med PAN network aims to promote, through a partnership approach, the sustainability and operation of a network of marine protected areas in the Mediterranean which are ecologically representative, connected, and effectively managed to help reduce the current rate of marine biodiversity loss.

In 2014 the network is composed of 53 members and 29partnersfrom 18Mediterranean countries representing more than half of the MPAs existing in the Mediterranean. The Med PAN network exists through the action and involvement of its members and partners including UNEP/MAP/RAC/SPA, WWF, IUCN Med, the Conservatoire du Littoral, ACCOBAMS, the French Marine Protected Areas Agency or the GFCM.

The network has developed its 2013-2017 strategy that revolves around 3 strategic axes:

  • Be a network for knowledge, information, anticipation and synthesis,
  • Reinforce the vitality of the network, the interactivity between members and build their capacity for an effective management of MPAs with stakeholders,
  • Reinforce the Med PAN network’s sustainability, prominence, governance and resources.

Activities are implemented by the Med PAN organization or its members and partners in a spirit of cooperation and complementarily. These activities are in line with the scientific strategy, the capacity building strategy and the communication strategy of the network. Key activities include the development of MAPAMED, the database of Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas in collaboration with RAC/SPA, the publication every 4 years of the status of MPAs in the Mediterranean, the setup of experience exchange activities, the support of small projects in Mediterranean MPAs, and the organization every 4 years of a Mediterranean MPA forum.

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