Region Lazio (Latium)

Lazio Region is the regional government of Lazio, one of the 20 administrative regions into which Italy is divided. Lazio is located in the centre of Italy and ranks third in the country for number of inhabitants (5.6 million), eighth in terms of overall surface area (17,207 Km2) and second for contribution to the national gross domestic product (170 billion Euros).

Lazio Region has well established health care, education and environmental systems. In addition to this, Lazio Region is responsible for the planning and coordination of regional economic development policies. In particular, it plans and implements activities in the field of territory enhancement and tourism promotion and carries out tourism development research, analysis, monitoring and evaluation activities. Lazio region’s tourism policy, set out in the “Regional Tourism Plan”, is inspired by criteria of environmental, cultural and social sustainability with a particular attention to safeguarding the cultural identities of the local communities. One of the main concerns of Lazio Region is to foster a better redistribution through time and space of the tourism flows, thus avoiding high season positive peaks and low season negative peaks. This goal is to be achieved mainly through a diversification and addition of new tourism products. The “Regional Tourism Plan” has identified a group of possible touristic branches which have not yet been fully exploited. These include ecological tourism (nature, protected areas etc.) and the so called “widespread hospitality” (ospitalità diffusa or albergo diffuso) which is based on the restoration/revitalization of small and isolated villages with the aim of supporting high quality touristic accommodation and activities.

With regards to MEET, Lazio Region - which over the years has participated in many projects financed by EU Programmes (Interreg IVC, Programme Med, URBACT 2, Life Programme, 7th Framework Programme, ENPI CBC Med) - coordinates the Work Package 3 dedicated to the capitalization of the results of the project and is involved in Work Packages 1 (Management and coordination), 2 (Communication), 4 (Methods & Tools) and 7 (Marketing).

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MEET Partnership