The Regional Park of the Coastal Dunes – Apulia Region, ITALY

The “Regional Park of the Coastal Dunes” is covering beaches, wetlands – with the presence of migratory birds – and numerous fossil streams, fascinating caves and rock dwellings. Inland the park is characterised by ancient olive groves and the Roman-age Traian Route, numerous historic farms and oil mills.
Several ecotourism activities can be carried out in the Coastal Dunes Regional Park: starting from the Park House (located in a disused railway station), which provides information about the park and on the natural, historical and cultural context in which it is located, it is possible to rent a bike or to ask for a guide to be accompanied along the numerous itineraries of low and medium difficulty, or going horseback or with donkeys. The farms of the park are home to taste workshops with education courses for tasting the olives or cheeses produced in pastures of the Park, for laboratories for hand-made “pasta” and much more.
For information about the initiatives and guided tours:
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