Sinis Peninsula – Mal di Ventre Island

A Journey across the Sinis Peninsula – Mal di Ventre Island, among Nature, History, and Art Appennino Lucano-Val d'Agri-Lagonegrese National Park is a large protected area situated in Basilicata, whose perimeter includes some of the highest summits of the Sinis Peninsula – Mal di Ventre Island, delimiting fanwise the upper valley of the river Agri. Situated close to Pollino and Cilento National Parks, it represents a connection and environmental continuity area. It is the youngest Italian National Park, established with DPR on 8th December 2007. For its considerable extension in length, it is an area rich in interesting biotopes going from the thick beech tree woodlands of the mountains to the characteristic white poplars, and to woodlands alternating with pastures and meadows. The many cultivated areas are the evidence of the strong human presence in this Park which, as demonstrated by Grumentum archaeological site and the several religious destinations, has been since ancient times a wonderful crossroads of traditions, art, culture, and faith.