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Lebanon Test Tour – Descriptive article – October 13 to 21

Lebanon is a small country with a history bigger than its size. The Lebanon MEET Test Tour that took place in October 2014 was one of the most sensational ecotourism experiences a traveler can live on the Mediterranean eastern coast. If ecotourism really deals with conservation of nature while meeting authentic local communities, then here it is a fulfillment!
What does a visitor need better than a rest under the shadow of a preserved biblical cedar tree in the Shouf Cedar Biosphere Reserve? Or a turtles sail watch in a Tyrian fisherman boat on Tyre Coast Nature Reserve? Or a walk on the two thousand year old roman stairs trail in Jabal Moussa Biosphere Reserve?
Well, as a visitor, I need to Meet these people and learn about the unique natural features of the parks. And our Lebanese tour did it. Really!
It made possible our encounter with the local communities at the three different parks: "I have learned about the Druze community of the Shouf mountain by spending a genuine time with Akram and his family preparing traditional dishes, and had a unique quality time with a respectful Sheikh dealing with the ineluctable link between mankind, nature and the creator; I have learned about the endemic oak tree of the Barouk mountain, and smelled the subtle scent of the eternal cedars with Nizar".
Our tour perpetuated the history in Tyre World Heritage Site city, by acquainting with DNA proved Phoenician descendants fishermen: "I have sailed and grilled freshly picked fish on the boat while snorkeling with the turtles and practiced soft underwater archeological discovery with Majed; I have learned how to build boats from cedar and cypress wood with Georges who still makes a living from boat making on the harbor of his ancestors, and I sat on the floor spending the night with Issam an authentic fisherman and his family, tasting local delicious meals".
Our tour took us through time and above the clouds in Jabal Moussa: "I have learned about the endemic peony and cyclamen while walking the Roman steep trails with Elie the park ranger, who interpreted the rock carvings of Hadrian Emperor's early scheme for nature preservation; I overlooked the Nahr Ibrahim river, birthplace of Adonis the Phoenician God, from the 850 meters high cliff; and I ended my day tasting traditional dishes near the locally made Arak distillery of Nazih and his family".
"My journey reached its end in the eldest cities of Byblos and I woke up from my dream with the chaotic warmth of Beirut and its inhabitants".
"I will come back to this eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea and will climb again the hills of Mount Lebanon to hug the Cedars tree I have planted with the team of the Shouf Cedar Biosphere Reserve".
In the heart of every one of us there is a Phoenician.