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Dune Costiere Regional Park (Puglia region – Italy), biking in a centuries-old landscape

During four days, from September 29 to October 2 2014, a group of seven experts has tested "Coasts & Cucinas", the MEET eco-tourist package designed by the Dune Costiere Regional Park.
The package is absolutely enjoyable and truly "eco", rich of many opportunities and managed by a friendly and skillful team of people, not only protected areas manager and consultants but also representatives of the main tourism stakeholders of the area that deal with the park within the frame of the ECST (European Charter for Sustainable Tourism).
The central activity is represented by group biking in and around the park, along the main routes of the area that are characterized by very little traffic, led with a "slow" philosophy that enables the best discovery experiences. In this way participants are able to access some of the most ancient "masserie" (farmhouses) of the district, getting aware of their activities, tasting home made products (not only extra virgin olive oil but also vegetables, cheese, pasta and other traditional food) and enjoying the familiar and warm welcome of local people.
Always by bike, visitors are introduced to the main landscape and environmental features of the area, such as the thousand-year old olive groves surrounded by ancient dry stone walls, the long ravines (islands of biodiversity) engraving the vast plain that slightly slopes towards the sea, the coastal dunes, the lagoons, the inland hills mostly looking like high mountains that interrupt the view westward of the plain. With plenty of key information and in-depth explanations provided by the staff.
An astonishing discovery of a territory together with the beautiful city of Ostuni, also known as "the white city", with its maze of alleys and staircases, and the bright beaches of the Adriatic Sea.
Finally, a remarkable experience that deserves to be deepened in the future, with the help of a park that is not only visible in the area, but has a leading role in governance dynamics of the territory and manages to work in a very effective and synergistic way with local stakeholders.