The Advisory Panel on Ecotourism (APE) is a consultative body, established within the MEET project (funded by the 2007-2013 ENPI CBC MED Programme).

The purpose of the APE is the capitalization of MEET results and outputs at institutional level beyond the duration of the project. During the lifetime of the project, the Panel will represent a networking tool between MEET and external relevant institutions at regional, national and international levels. Its members will be continuously kept informed by MEET partners on the project activities and outputs and will be requested to express their view on the issues tackled.

The APE is conceived as a place where the MEET project implementation and results are presented to the representatives of the institutions and policy makers of the countries involved. The APE members can give advice or make specific requests concerning the foreseen project activities.

As much as it is viable, i.e. in line with the project aims, the project partners will take into consideration such suggestions/requests.

In particular, the APE members will support, via different means, including the signature of a Strategic Document, the capitalization of the results of the project at institutional level.

download APE Rules of Procedures


The first working seminar organized by the National Parks of France (Parcs Nationaux de France) and held in Montpellier on 12 and 13 June 2014. click on the link below
First APE workshop